Monday, June 30, 2008

If it ain't broke....

Blizzard announced a third installation of the hugely popular Diablo series last weekend. I have been a huge fan of Diablo for a while now, spending many an hour playing Diablo 2. My expectations for Diablo 3 are nothing short of impossible.

Few details have been let out about Diablo 3 so far. One of these is that there will only be five classes released at the start. With two of the classes being revealed as the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor, I can guess for at least a type of character for the final three. One will be a pure magic user, one a ranged attacker of some sort, and one wild card. Why a wild card? Because Blizzard could throw any sort of crazy class in there.

With the Witch Doctor, it looks like Blizzard combined the assassin and Necromancer classes of Diablo 2 (and its expansion). This will allow for some fun game play as a sort of disease throwing, zombie wall summoning, locust swarming menace. The Barbarian looks like a more refined version of himself from Diablo 2. The gameplay demo of this character shows a wide variety of skills that will make him a very fun class to play.

There are a few features revealed so far that will be a huge change from Diablo 2. First the guys at Blizzard wanted to get away from mashing the potion button. In order to do this they have health drops, like one would find in a first person shooter game. Now when one kills a enemy, there is a chance it will drop one of these health orbs that one just runs off to get more health.

The second major new feature is the addition of a lot of destroyable terrain. While there was this to a point in Diablo 2, the upcoming game looks to have a lot of it. The demo video showed all sorts of items being destroyed, including whole walls.

I only write a lot when I am excited. Looking back on this post, I can instantly tell I am thrilled about this upcoming game. The question when it is coming out isn't even on my mind yet (perhaps for the reason it is going to be a while). I have full confidence that Blizzard will make Diablo 3 the gem of a game it deserves to be. Heck, I am just excited to find out what the other three classes are.

For now, I wait. Wait for the next great game to come out.

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